Buggy Whips

Buggy whips are required on many job sites. The whips are made of strong fiberglass to withstand high speeds without breaking. Whips range from five feet in length to the fifteen foot telescoping whip. Also, mounts and flags can be added to meet your needs.

Buggy Whips


BW5-Q – 5’ buggy whip

BW8-Q – 8’ buggy whip

BW10-Q – 10’ w/wo quick release base

BW12 – 12’ buggy whip

T-BW10 – 10’ telescoping whip, drops to 5’

T-BW15 – 15’ telescoping whip, drops to 7’


HM-1 – 2” hitch receiver mount for up to 15’

HM-2 – 1 1/4” hitch receiver mount for telescoping buggy whips

MM-1 – magnetic mount for up to 7’ whip

MM-2 – magnetic mount for up to 10’ whip QR-0 – quick release mount

HM-1 – hitch receiver mount for telescoping whips


STBWGF – lime green reflective pennant flag w/ 4’ tail buggy whips

STBWGF-2 – lime green reflective pennant flag w/ 4’ tail for telescoping whip

INDF#3x – 16” X 16” orange flag w/ white reflective X on both sides



Safety mirrors are the perfect items for eliminating blind spots and preventing accidents. They provide safety as well as security. The mirrors are made of acrylic or glass and come with mounting hardware. These mirrors provide lasting maximum reflection power. Many sizes and materials are available to serve your individual safety needs.

MSC60008208 – 18” convex acrylic

MSC01219559 – 26” indoor/outdoor convex acrylic

MSC60008125 – 26” indoor/outdoor convex glass

MSC60008315 – 36” indoor/outdoor heavy duty w/ rubber frame

Kid Alert Visual Warning System

A safety companion designed to alert oncoming motorists when children are present.

Kid Alert


We have a wide variety of tapes available. If you have a specific requirement, we can get it for you.

Caution Tape

Yellow caution tape is kept in stock and available in 3” X 1000’ rolls.

Grit Tape

Grit tape is perfect to add traction to stairs and ramps for safe footings, is strong enough to stick to most surfaces and very durable. Grit tape comes in sizes of 2”, 4”, or 6” X 60’. reflective lines in 2” X 150’

Conspicuity Tape

Conspicuity tape is highly reflective, and can be used for many tasks such as the along trailers. It is available rolls of red and white stripes. We also stock surveyors tape in 300’ rolls of lime, orange, pink, yellow, and red.

ICBT2058 – caution tape, 3” X 1000’

ICSG3102B – black grit tape, 2” X 60’

ICSG3104B – black grit tape, 4” X 60’

ICSG3106B – black grit tape, 6” X 60’

GR983-326-2 – conspicuity, 2” X 150’

MSC50897305 – Triangle safety kit for vehicles


Spray Paint

Rust-oleum marking paint is kept in stock and available in orange or white. PSC-O – orange can PSC-W – white can

Speed Bumps - Parking Stops

We carry speed bumps and parking stops made of recycled rubber. They are lightweight and long lasting; and can be anchored in place. The parking stops can be used for all surface parking and come with yellow, white, or blue stripes. The speed bumps have reflective eyes embedded in the surface for high visibility at night. These items do not rot, warp, crack, or chip.

GNR-PS16101 – 6’ parking stop, 30 lbs.

GNR-SB26111 – 6’ speed bump

GNR-SBEC 26999 – End cap for speed bumps

GNR-91400 – Rebar spikes



These industrial six volt batteries are mercury and cadmium free, reliable, and have a long storage life. Available in industrial or heavy duty, both with spring terminals.

RA6V806 – Industrial, 6 volt

RA6VHDM – heavy duty, 6 volt


This bright orange polyethylene safety fence is perfect for construction sites or warning barrier fencing. It is very durable, easy to handle and install. The fencing won’t kink, bind, or corrode and is ultraviolet ray resistant.

HDSF4X100 – 4’ X 100’ orange safety fence