Personal Safety

Safety Glasses

Our safety glasses are available in a variety of styles and colors. They are durable, protective, and meet ANSI standards.

StarLite (Squared) #448M – Gray Temples/Silver Mirror Lens

Metro #23GB83 –  Black Frame/Gray Lens

StarLite #4863 – Black Frame/Gray Lens

Parallax #37GY83 – Gray Temples/Gray Lens

Ear Protection

Ear Protection

We carry ear plugs that are constructed of foam and expand to fit in your ear canal. They are also lightweight, comfortable, nontoxic, and non-irritating. Available with or without cords. Ear plugs with cords help keep plugs visible for safety checks, as well as reduce the number of lost plugs. Corded plugs come in a box of 100 pairs. Cordless plugs come in a box of 200.

AS23000 – cordless ear plugs, box of 200 individually wrapped pairs

ASN0528025 – corded ear plugs, box of 100 individually wrapped pairs.

MSC412643 – reuseable pocket ear plugs, box of 100 individually wrapped pairs



Lime Mesh

DSPV10 – General Purpose one size fits most with 2” orange/silver reflective stripes and loop and hook closure

DSPV1300 – ANSI class II, lime, pockets, zipper closure M-5XL

DSPV155 – ANSI class III, zipper and pocket M-5XL Suspenders

BSSB2960R – reflective suspenders with belt Pants

DSP-P1300 – Mesh pants – Class E – M-2XL

SYLR035751 – orange reflective clip on

SYLR035744 – lime reflective clip on

WSVRA220 – ANSI Class III – Three levels of protection (1) Fluorescent fabric (2)Retro-reflective stripes (3) Phosphorescent for low-light conditions – Available in M-4XL.



BSSB2960R – Reflective suspenders with belt

SYLR035751 – Orange reflective clip on

SYLR035751 – Lime reflective clip on


DSP-P1300 – Mesh Pants – Class E-M-2XL

Understanding ANSI Standards

Class 2 – Performance Class 2 provides superior visibility for wearers by the additional coverage of the torso, and is more conspicuous then Class 1 (General Purpose Vests). ANSI Class 2 garments are generally used by workers in occupations that require greater visibility under inclement weather conditions, when work backgrounds are complex and when tasks divert the workers attention from approaching traffic. The reflective material incorporated into the garment will not be less than 35mm or 1.38in wide.

Class 3 – While the type of garment and the size of the wearer dictates the area of clothing, it is the intention of this standard for Performance Class 3 to offer greater visibility to the wearer in both complex backgrounds and through a full range of body movements. ANSI Class 3 garments are generally used for workers and vehicle operators whose high risks put them in danger. Class 3 garments allow the wearer to be conspicuous in a full range of motions at a minimum of 1,280ft. The reflective material incorporated into the garment will not be less than 50mm or 1.97in wide.


Jackets & Rain suits

Bomber style jackets are available that meet ANSI/ISEA 107-2004 Class 3 standards. The jackets have a dual orange / lime color to maximize visibility. For convenience, they also include multiple pockets to carry items such as radios and cell phones. Two styles of this jacket are available, with or without a removable lining. The 2 piece HI-VIS Lime Green rain suit has silver reflective stripes to meet Class 3 safety standards ANSI/SEA 107-2004. Features include a full front zipper with storm flap, cell phone pocket, drawstring waistline, hood, and zippered ankles for easy on and off. All items are machine washable.


We carry t-shirts which meet ANSI Class II standards. These t-shirts may be used on work sites which require high visibility for your worker’s safety. Our mesh t-shirts are made of a high performance material which has a soft, cotton-like feel to ensure the comfort of your workers.


Hard Hats

Shown to the left is a high-density polyethylene shell hard hat which we keep in stock. This hard hat has impact-absorbing ridges, is light weight, very durable, and contains an adjustable suspension which is available in 6-point and 4-point configurations. This hat meets ANSI 789:1 2009 regulations. White is kept in stock, additional colors can be ordered. Also available in stock are hard hat reflectors. The reflector is a 4 inch by 1 inch, reflective ,(various colors), adhesive strip which is used to increase visibility. They are sold in sheets of 16.

PMHP1611D – White 6 Point Hard Hat

SCEHHR – Hard hat reflectors, various colors

RASE300HDLT – Hard hat head lamp



AH-FOGL1009 (L) – Work Gloves

AH-FOGL1009 (XL) – Work Gloves

100% black synthetic leather Gel padding at palm and fingers Spandex top Emboss neoprene at knuckles Elastic cuff with velcro closure